Getting married when money is tight

17 Nov

When you’re getting married, you have a lot of stress on you. Not only will you have to consider the demands of your significant other (and rightfully so, since they are one half of the partnership), but you’ll also have to consider religious constraints, the guest list and the guests’ various demands, proclivities and food allergies, whether you want children to attend, whether you want a destination or a local wedding, and last but probably most important: the budget.

Isn’t it weird that the most difficult and important decision of your life–who to spend your remaining years with–is so complicated by difficult and important decisions about the wedding? Luckily, the advent of do-it-yourselfers and abundance of craft stores have made a diy budget wedding not only possible, but extremely charming. You can get a lot of saving big tips from your favorite DIY or craft store, and besides, guests are seeing so much of the DIY stuff at weddings that they’ve come to prefer it. It shows your creative side and injects a little of your own personalities into your big day.

A DIY budget wedding can be beautiful and charming, as well as bringing your guests closer to you as a couple. If you have out-of-town guests who don’t know your significant other well, it can help them get to know him or her much better. It can also help set the tone of your wedding and, potentially, the future of your lives together. You can print your own invitations, make your own flower arrangements, and enlist the help of a talented friend to take pictures for free or at a reduced cost. You can have your wedding attendants assemble wedding favors on a weekend before the wedding, sweetening the deal by providing appetizers and wine.

You can find plenty of saving big tips at your favorite DIY website or on other websites that give tips for weddings, art, or other special occasions. It’s important that your big day expresses what you and your intended want, is inclusive of all the guests, and most of all, shows off your love and promise to each other.

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