Common Mistake Homeowners Make When Applying for a Loan Modification

11 Feb

There are many struggling homeowners at a risk of foreclosure as a result of not being able to pay their mortgage debts as agreed upon. This year, the number of foreclosures is expected to rise according to some experts. If you are looking for a loan modification, the first thing you have to ask is whether or not you are qualified for a potential loan amendment before you go through the application process. 

You see, the common mistake with many homeowners is that they applied for a loan modification without an idea if they are qualified or not. They go through the time-consuming and stressful process not knowing where they stand. In the end, many just wasted resources for nothing. You don’t have to do it this way. 

With a REST Report, you will know whether you are qualified for a potential loan modification or not. This objective analytics tool presents information that will allow you to see whether or not servicers or investors will approve your loan and what alternatives are best for you. The REST Report works best for the Mortgage Modification Program 2013 or the HAMP as well as other loan modification programs. For more details about this widely used support tool. check out the link now.  

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