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11 Feb

When marketing for any company there will always be certain techniques that will be more effective than others. For example when marketing online, you want to target specific audiences that will be more likely to invest or buy what you are offering. With billions of people surfing the net evryday this is a vital skill to making money in the online world. There are tier 1  and tier 2 ways of building your business and your credibility, dotn mix them up! Only link tier 2 backlinks to your tier 1 and never, absolutly never directly to your site. Forums are a part of building tier 1 links. If you have a business or opportunity that is legitmate and honest then you may consider using a Christian Forum to advertise to targeted people who are more likely to be interested because they don’t want to comprmise their integrity for money. Internet Income University is one such company that would target Christians because they are an honest legitimate company that really atually; strange as it is, has your best interest at heart. After wanting to work online, knowing that there was a way, making countless mistakes and being frusterated at times, the Blues brothers decided to build there business helping others so that not everyone would have to struggle to learn this new skill the way that they had. Great story, but truthful. The Blues Brothers are now offering free membership, training and support to give you a head start. So take advantage of this rare opportunity!

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