How to avoid paypal fees for your transactions

11 Feb

When online shopping was first introduced there is, was a challenge of how buyers were to send money to their sellers, especially since there is no physical contact between the two parties. PayPal was more than efficient in filling this gap. Today, pay pall is one of the most popular means of payment in the world. The success of papal as a payment platform can be attributed to the exceptional services offered by the site. Since PayPal was introduced as a business venture, the owners had to impose some fees on transactions made on it. However, it is very possible for you to avoid these fees and keep all the money you earn for a sale for your self. When you set a paypall account, it will be automatically a Papal personal account. If you want to avoid the numerous fees that PayPal charges on transaction, it is important that you avoid upgrading your account to either a business or premier. This is one of the ways that as a buyer you can avoid being charged a transactional fee. For sellers who are newbie, avoiding payment via credit or debit cards is the way to go when avoiding fees. PayPal charges a five percent fee on all debit and credit card sales. Thus five percent of what you will make on the sale of a certain item goes to PayPal. In addition to the five percent, you will be charged thirty cents on credit card sales. This may seem a meager fee however, it can grow in to a significant fee if you sell many items and receive payments for them via credit or debit cards. The best way to receive payment without having to incur any fees is by asking your buyers to make instant PayPal money transfers. Alternatively, you can use the balance in your buyer’s account to pay for the item purchased. These payment methods are free of charge for the seller. When making a withdrawal it is advisable to transfer the money to your bank or credit card account instead of asking PayPal to write you a cheque. For the company to write and mail you the cheque you will be charged $1.50.

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