The Interface Financial Group And Why I Fell In Love With It

11 Feb

My small garments business was failing. I didn’t have money to pay my employees and I didn’t have capital to buy the needed textile to fill my orders. I was in crisis. My employees- the very best ones, were resigning and I was in deep debt. My company was clearly mismanaged and out of capital. I would get up every night and sit on my bed and cry, wondering how I would face the next day, wondering what I would tell my employees when they asked about their salaries. I had barely enough to put my kids through school and even then, I had to borrow money from my neighbors even to just give them money for school. I was devastated. My husband had retired because he was ill. I didn’t have money to pay the hospital bills. The Interface Financial Group changed all that. They gave me the much needed funding to get my business back on track. Now, I can give my employees the salary that they need, I can pay the hospital bills, and I can send my kids to school without debt. I fell in love with life all over again. I didn’t despair any longer. I was happy again. I didn’t have sleepless night, breaking out in cold sweats. In short, The Interface Financial Group made me fall in love with their concepts and their ideas. It’s simply amazing how they work wonders! I can now work my business confidently and with a smoother hand. 

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