You are the captain of your boat

11 Feb

What somebody thinks of themselves is telling of what their life will become. When you feel that you will never become any thing in life, you will find that you don’t look for the opportunities. You will always be afraid of trying as you will have already made up your mind that only negative things happen to you. Individuals who are positive in their outlook end up getting all the opportunities as they rarely give up. They struggle to make ends meet, but they are so positive that they get the chances when they come. There are many ways of getting money for college. Most people look for well wishers, but that is not the expensive way to go. Finding someone who will sponsor you may take your whole lifetime. The other way to find help would be by applying for grants for individuals. As it entails writing a proposal, very few people would think of it as an easier way of getting money. However, those people who are decided in their minds that they are going to apply and get it will not look back from their decision. Again we find that the deciding factor is the attitude. It matters little what others may think of you as long as you have a good view of yourself. When a person thinks that the idea they have of a business is going to make money, they will definitely pursue it with all their heart. enterprise grants are given to people who believe in their dreams. As nobody can make you believe in yourself or your dream, the buck simply stops in your mind. Defeat the negative attitude and you will be on your way to victory.

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