Vector Marketing Opportunity – What’s In It For You?

26 Apr

Vector Marketing is one of the leading business opportunities today. Because most of its members are students, it is considered as one of the fastest growing student recruiter companies. Its district offices are located in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

 The company actually sells CUTCO knives. Its marketing system is single level direct selling. Members are paid for each appointment they make to show people the product. This is regardless of whether a sale is made or not. The sales representatives will be the one to look for potential customers and they will introduce the product to them either by showing them personally or virtually. Depending on a number of factors such as the amount of questions thrown by the potential customer and the level of sales talk that you do, each appointment can typically last up to an hour.

 Aside from the pay for appointments, members or the sales representatives gets additional commission for sales. Making a sale is not that hard as CUTCO is a known brand in terms of quality. In most cases, each appointment, when properly conducted, will result in sales.

 Another positive aspect of this marketing opportunity is that it allows representatives to have flexibility over their working hours. Because you are the one to arrange the appointments, you can choose when to meet with potential customers.

 Vector Marketing offers a genuine opportunity to earn extra income especially for students through an easy and realistic marketing system. Because the product is not just another knives set but a high quality one, selling and earning is so much easier.

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