A gift from Spiritual Quest

28 Apr

It was so sad to see someone leaving and this is how I feel as one of my officemates named Mike bade us his last goodbye this morning. He has decided to leave the company because of health reasons. He was asthmatic and for the last 3 months, he had been having attacks so frequently that he was always confined in the hospital every now and then. The renovation of the second floor in our office building seems to have a big contribution on his condition because the construction was on 24 hours a day and the dust and the smell of paint and other chemicals cannot be avoided on our way to our office, thus, triggering Mike’s allergy and asthma attacks. His last attack about 2 weeks ago was the most severe attack he ever had and he has been placed in the Intensive Care Unit for 3 days because of that. After that incident, his doctor advised him to have a total rest and would no longer allow him to go back to work so he had no choice but to quit his job. Mike has been with the company for just 3 years but I could say that his contribution to the company cannot be surpassed. He was very talented and skillful, not to mention that very nice attitude towards everyone around him. This morning, we gave him one of the salt caves from Spiritual Quest as a farewell gift. He was so happy about it and promised to visit us.

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