Making Your Local Move Successful

2 Jun

If you are moving to a location that is not far from your current one, you may not need the help of a professional company. Often, friends and family are happy to help you move, even more so if you offer to cook them dinner or buy them pizza in return!

Pack all your stuff ahead of time. You can get boxes free by going to your local supermarket, liquor store, or hardware store – they are usually thrilled to get rid of boxes because it means they do not have to deal with them. Pack your things and clearly mark all the boxes. Rent the appropriate truck for your move – not too small, and not too big.

For short-distance moves, you may want to pack your things and just hire a service to drive everything over for you. A single moving truck with one driver is not very expensive, and it can save you the headache of having to drive a big van across town. You can make your local move successful with the help of top moving services companies such as alpha van lines.

If you are packing your things yourself, start the process a week before the move. Pack anything you will not need over the next week. Clearly label all boxes. It is also a good idea to keep a box for things that you will use when you move in, and label it to be unpacked first.

In addition, a week before the move, close accounts at local banks and make sure bills are paid. If you have a national bank, transfer your home bank to the branch in your new town. Fill out change of address cards at the post office. Notify your insurance companies and arrange with the schools in your new home to enroll your children.

If you find that you do need to end up hiring a professional company, be sure you are getting the services you need, but also be sure you are not getting more than you need. If you are busy, you may need a company offering packing services. However, if you have the time to pack your things on your own, then this service you do not need and would pay extra for. If you are moving for your job, find out if your company offers any kind of relocation incentives or packages that will help with the cost of hiring movers.

Whatever method you choose for moving, planning will always help you stay free of stress and stay within your budget. By planning, you will be ready to go and worry-free on the day of your move!

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