I got this from the Hydroponics Group and I love this

26 Jun

This is my third Hydroponics System in two years. This and the first one I got from Hydroponics Group’s website at http://www.hydroponicsgroup.com. I’m sad that I did not get the second set from the same company. Having that thing was like a nightmare. It kept breaking down and I kept me going to and from the hardware store to fix it, even the support personnel is as horrible as their product. I’ve had the thing for about two months before I decided to call The Hydroponics Group back and place an order for a better system. These guys are the best people to deal with when it comes to Hydroponics. They provide the best quality products that are very dependable. Their customer support representatives are great, putting better value at not only the products that they are selling but the Hydroponics Group as well. Imagine getting a hydroponics system that has everything in it. Don’t know how to put it together? No problem! Call support and you get a technician who would walk you through the process of putting the grow box together as if they were the ones driving the wrench for you. Having said all that, I would recommend the products to you all whether you’re someone who is looking at experimenting with hydroponics or someone who is dead serious about hydroponics and getting the best quality products. They are the best in the market. With the Hydroponics Group, you cannot go wrong. Visit their website at www.hydroponicsgroup.com.

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